Round or Square?

The Extend 360 round mat is perfect for creating harmony in your movements whilst practicing yoga, as you never need to worry about which way you are facing. The organic shape is also ideal for a play mat for kids.

The Extend square mat is great if you are tall, or have had trouble finding a big enough mat to exercise on. Alternatively, it is a great size for couples training.


What size are the Extend Mats?

The Extend 360 round mat is 180cm diameter. The Extend square mat is 180cm x 180cm.

Both mats are 5mm in thickness, which adds extra cushioning for exercising and play. The standard thickness of mats currently on the market is 3-4mm.


Where can I buy an Extend 360 round mat or Extend square mat?

Currently you can buy our mats online only, but if you think your local gym would be interested in on-selling, please contact us. 


Where do you deliver?

We are based in Australia and our mats are sent from Daylesford, Victoria. The mats are currently available in Australia, UK and US. We can to post to any physical address, a workplace or private address, but are unable to post to PO boxes.


When will my mat be delivered?

Australia - We use Fastway Couriers services for the delivery of your mat(s) Australia wide. We dispatch orders within 3 business days of receiving an order and endeavour to have your mat delivered to you within 10 business days.

UK and US - We use Parcel Hero Couriers. Please contact us for further information on shipping times and see their website to get an approximate quote.


What if I am unhappy with my Extend mat?

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied. Just send the mat back to us and we will refund you.


How do I care for my Extend mat?

  • To store your mat, we recommend keeping it rolled and stored flat.
  • We suggest you don't fold the mat for long periods of time to avoid permanent creases. 
  • If you turn your mat over and then roll it inside out it will flatten out faster and not curl at the edges.
  • The mats are very easy to keep clean with a soft cloth and water. Avoid rubbing the surface with too much pressure to keep the mat at its best. 
  • We DON'T recommend using the mat with shoes on, as this can wear away the surface faster than desired.

What Material are the Extend Mats made of?

Durable and comfortable 5mm PVC. This material has been tested and graded as non-toxic, so is safe for work and play.


Is the material non-toxic?

The mats are free from all of the following:

  • BPA Free - PBDEs Free
  • No Suspect Chemcials
  • No Formaldehye
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Acetophenone Free
  • Formamide Free
  • No Heavy Metals


Can I wear shoes on my mat?

We DO NOT recommend footwear to be used repeatedly on the mat, barefoot or with socks will ensure your mat stays in a good condition for longer.


Why would I want to use an Extend mat as a child’s play mat, instead of any already on the market? 

The Extend mats are made of sturdy material, designed to last. As they have been designed for exercising, they can handle the wear and tear that kids can throw at them. The PVC material is waterproof, so easy to clean from spills. The mats are also easy to move, you can roll up any toys inside for a quick tidy up. 


How do I pay for my Extend mat?

You can pay by credit or debit card through our STRIPE payment process on the website. Just follow the prompts from the cart page.


How much is postage and delivery?

Shipping is charged at the same rate Australia-wide of $20 for your first mat and $10 for any additional mats added to the same order. It's very important to us to try and keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

For international shipping, these fees vary depending on your location. It is more beneficial to order in bulk as we can send up to 6 mats at the same rate. Please see the Parcel Hero Couriers website for an approximate quote or contact us for further information.


Do you offer discounts if I buy in bulk?

Yes. We currently have a deal for 10 for the price of 9 mats. If you would like a quote on a bulk order, please contact us as we are happy to discuss discounted bulk or wholesale rates.